The Sound-O-Mat The Sound-O-Mat

The Sound-O-Mat (1998-2016) was a small audio engineering, post-production & mastering studio plus a boutique record label that specialized in
ambient/drone, avant guarde, indie and folk music. I also provided cleaning, repair  & restoration services as well as parts and supplies for various tape echo units.

I still provide post-production and mastering services on a contract basis, and will probably release more albums on the label some day.

The Sound-O-Mat: Hardware


• Custom-built Windows NT/2000 DAWs
• M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 PCI soundcards
• Mackie CR1604 mixer
• Alesis M1 Active & Yamaha NS10M monitors
• Teac 3340S 4-track tape deck
• Yamaha MT4X 4-track cassette deck
• Logic AMT8 interface
• Alesis Quadraverb+, Midiverb II & Micro Verb II
• Roland Space Dimensional SRV-330 reverb, SDE-330 delay & SDX-330 expander
• Roland Space Echo RE-501, RE-301 & RE-201
• FMR Audio RNC compressors
• DBX 166XL compressor/limiter
• Alesis Micro Limiter
• Behringer Multicom MDX 2400 processor, DSP8024 UltraCurve Pro equalizer, patchbays
• Waldorf 2-Pole filter
• Senneheiser & Sony headphones
• Over a dozen vocal/guitar/etc. mics
• ... and far too many patch cables

The Sound-O-Mat: Software


• Cool Edit Pro / Adobe Audition
• eMagic Logic Pro
• Sound Forge
• Acid Pro
• Audacity
• Waves Platinum
• Native Instruments
• iZotope Ozone
• and far too many freeware plugins

If you're interested in audio mastering, watch this video.

The Sound-O-Mat: Services


• Audio engineering, editing, sequencing, mixing, post-production & mastering
• Analog-to-Digital conversion
• Audio cleaning & restoration
• Video production, editing, mastering & replication
• Vinyl, CD, CDR, DVD & DVD-R replication
• Media & packaging design, copywriting, prototyping, manufacturing & assembly
• Digital music publication & distribution

The Sound-O-Mat: Guitar Pedals

Guitar Pedals

• Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion, CE-1 & CE-3 Chorus Ensemble, HM-2 Heavy Metal, OD-1 & OD-3 Overdrive, RV-3 Reverb, SD-1 Super Overdrive, VB-2 Vibrato, DD-5 Digital Delay, SG-1 Slow Gear, PS-3 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay, DM-3 Analog Delay. NS-1 Noise Supressor, RC-30 Loop Station
• DOD FX15 Swell, FX25 Envelope Filter, FX50 Stereo Reverb, FX55B Super Distortion, FX65 Stereo Chorus, FX80B Compressor Sustainer, FX90 Delay, FX96 Echo FX Analog Delay
• Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler, DM4 Distortion Modeler, the FM4 Filter Modeler, ToneCore Echo Park, Tap Tremolo, Verbzilla, Uber Metal
• Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
• Digitech Whammy
• Dunlop Uni-Vibe Stereo Chorus
• MXR Distortion +
• a bunch of Behringer knockoffs

The Sound-O-Mat: Clients


Atomic Novelties
VHF Records / Bill Kellum
Wholly Other / Charalambides
Jack Rose
Klang Recordings
Beta-lactam Ring Records
The Mystifying Oracle
28 Angles
Machine Tribe Recordings
Eclipse Records
Freq. Magnet
Bruit Direct
Blue Water Records

The Sound-O-Mat: Friends


Craig Vanderbourgh
DAC Crowell
Mike Gangloff
Jack Rose
Patrick Best
Tom & Christina Carter
Wink Junior
Mark Somniferum
Mat Benzie
Bill Horist
Ben Hudgins
Chris McBeth
Greg Headley
John Koch-Northrup
Mike & Lena Griffin
Christopher & Richard Arnold