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Wide-reaching computer science & technology experience involving software & web development, design, optimization & security; technical & team management; product and project specification, development & management; Quality Assurance and testing; hardware procurement, deployment, maintenance & support; security audits and pen-testing; and more, all across a wide range of platforms and operating systems.

Adept at translating business needs into cost-effective, secure, user-friendly solutions. Dedicated to applying best practices and delivering defect-free, intuitive and robust software.

I'm a tech generalist interested in whatever tools & and methodologies will provide the best & and most cost-efficent solutions. If I don't know it already, I master it quickly.

From 1998-2016 I also owned and operated a small audio engineering studio and boutique record label called The Sound-O-Mat. I still provide audio engineering services on a contract basis.

A general wifi network command line utility that grew out of a simple script for a friend into a comprehensive tool for Windows, Linux and RaspPi. Included unit tests.

argparse Cookbook

My own Python argparse cookbook examples plus links to others and similar tools.

Past Projects

Past Projects

A sampling of past work for former companies via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

Gemm (
Vitamart (
Pheedo (

Portland, Oregon
(not interested in relocating at this time)


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